Our Team

Aaron Nicolaides, Ph.D., LCSW

Since early childhood, Aaron has had one dream...the creation of a wellness clinic where people could truly heal. Aaron has studied, researched, and practiced in mental health and addiction for over 25 years. Aaron's dream is finally becoming a reality and one that will continue to grow with Therapeuo Health.

Aaron is a published author with his first e-book entitled, "Coping Sucks! A guide to healing the body, mind and spirit from trauma." Aaron hopes to publish many more books soon!

When Aaron is not at work, you will find him in the mountains or on a beach. Aaron loves to study Neuroscience and is always searching for greater and more effective ways to improve our physical, emotional and mental well-being.

Aaron has experience working with nearly all types of trauma; including first responder, rape or abuse victims, grief and loss and everything in between.

Aaron specializes in trauma (PTSD), addiction and chronic pain / migraines and Neurofeedback. He is also a Reiki Master and loves energy work.

Emilie Barragan, LCSW

Emilie is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker (LCSW) who is passionate about helping others - especially with children and adolescents.

Emilie works with our Addiction services and provides therapy/EMDR to help alleviate emotional and physical pain with all her clients.

Emilie attended graduate school at Boise State University in Social Work.

Emilie loves to travel and spend time with her young daughter. Emilie always loves a good laugh and spending time in the mountains, on a beach, or on a lake paddle-boarding.

Bret Field

When people want to know about addiction treatment or living in recovery, Bret is the expert. He is well known around northern Utah for his many years of work and dedication to helping those with addiction and living in recovery.

Bret (aka. Mr. Clean) is living proof of being able to turn one's life around and remain in recovery. With 20 years of recovery, he works with our Addictions program as our Addictions Specialist. He helps facilitate our IOP program and works closely with partners in the community.

When not at work, you will find Bret on his Harley Davidson. He is an active rider of the Sober Rider's and loves to spend time giving back to the community.

Melissa Carpenter – Foot Zone Therapy + Usui Holy Fire III Reiki

Nearly a decade ago Melissa left her corporate job as an electronics technician to dedicate her time fully to helping her family recover from some traumatic experiences. Since then she has spent countless hours learning, researching, and exploring the effects of trauma as well as many approaches that may ease the mind, body, and spirit through life’s trials and pain.

Ultimately, she found that Foot Zone Therapy, with its somatic and energetic approach, was the most helpful tool to support her in her own healing journey. Soon thereafter, she pursued foot zone and energy work certifications, enabling her to be immediate hands-on help for her loved ones and creating an entirely new career path.

Melissa is a Navy veteran and mother of two. She loves to travel, adventure, photography, good food, and spending time with great people. S he is often found reading or listening to podcasts, always learning new things and adding skills to her toolbox.

She’s become a save-the-planet hippie, garnering MANY eye-rolls from her children and extended family. (It's a safe bet has a cardboard tube of chap stick in her pocket right this moment)

Words she lives by: "We can do hard things. Adapt and overcome. EVERYONE needs therapy. I don’t care if people think it’s weird…it works. You have be yourself because life would be boring as hell if everyone was the same all the time."


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